For five consecutive years, Silicon Legal has been recognized by PitchBook among the top 10 most active law firms in the VC space.¹ To celebrate, we invited some of our innovative entrepreneur and seasoned investor clients to share their lighthearted reflections from 2023 and predictions of what lies ahead.

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Jed Katz

If the venture capital ecosystem was a movie, what would the title of 2023 have been?

The AI Force Awakens

Friend, Enemy, or Spouse?

AI Spouse
Web3 Enemy
Future of Work Friend

In five words: What’s your most outlandish prediction for the venture capital market in 2024?

Early, giant growth rounds reborn.

Who, what, or where did you find your greatest inspiration in 2023?

So inspired by the speed and incredibly high quality of product development in our portfolio companies.

If you could rename one popular tech term to be more honest and descriptive, what would it be and why?

“TAM” – it’s almost always some exaggerated irrelevant number. Yes, we have SAM and SOM, but there is simply no need for all 3 of those! Maybe we should use “BUM” (Bottom-Up Market).

About Javelin Venture Partners

Javelin Venture Partners was founded by former entrepreneurs with a first-hand appreciation of what it takes to develop a company from concept to thriving enterprise. They have been in your chair…resource constrained and exhausted, but driving forward with full confidence that your start-up has incredible potential to change the world. Javelin is here to help – providing capital, guidance, access to an expansive network and most importantly, entrepreneurial DNA.

Javelin Venture Partners invests in early-stage tech companies with incredible potential, managed by teams of energetic, trustworthy and capable leaders. Key focus areas include cloud, big data, enterprise software, SaaS, e-commerce, mobile, health/wellness and digital media. They look for advanced innovations, where the addressable market size is substantial and strong competitive advantages exist. The typical investment is between $250K to $4 million, with reserves for follow-on investments. The Javelin office is located in San Francisco, but they invest throughout the world.

About Silicon Legal Strategy

Silicon Legal Strategy is the premier boutique law firm providing targeted, bottom-line-oriented advice to technology startups, innovative entrepreneurs and seasoned investors. Trained at the top firms in Silicon Valley, our attorneys and staff are incredibly passionate about technology and have extensive experience representing early stage companies and investors. We are a known quantity in Silicon Valley, and work with or sit across the table from every major law firm in the area. Perhaps most importantly, we ourselves are entrepreneurs. We truly understand the challenges of a startup — like building and motivating a team, creating repeatable processes to ensure continued customer satisfaction at scale and dealing with infrastructure issues. We face these challenges every day — and as a result, are able to deliver more relevant, bottom-line-oriented advice. Put simply, we actually “get” what entrepreneurs are going through.