For five consecutive years, Silicon Legal has been recognized by PitchBook among the top 10 most active law firms in the VC space.¹ To celebrate, we invited some of our innovative entrepreneur and seasoned investor clients to share their lighthearted reflections from 2023 and predictions of what lies ahead.

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Patrick Driscoll

If the venture capital ecosystem was a movie, what would the title of 2023 have been?

The Fall of the Unicorn!

Friend, Enemy, or Spouse?

AI Friend
Web3 Enemy
Future of Work Spouse

In five words: What’s your most outlandish prediction for the venture capital market in 2024?

Climate, AI, and Tumult – Oh my!

Who, what, or where did you find your greatest inspiration in 2023?

Wonderful LGBTQ+ Institutions like GLAAD, GLSEN, Lamba Legal, Victory Institute, and more. So many folks working to empower the LGBTQ+ community and we are thrilled to join their ranks.

If you could rename one popular tech term to be more honest and descriptive, what would it be and why?

“Market Correction” should be: When VC’s finally admit they were wrong and lemming-like

About Chasing Rainbows

We believe in investing in LGBTQ+ founders who are often overlooked yet outperform in the market. Chasing Rainbows is committed to empowering these entrepreneurs, tapping into their unique perspectives and innovative ideas to create a more diverse and inclusive business world.

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