SLS Client Floodgate Joins Neo.Tax’s $10MM Round

Silicon Legal represented Floodgate as they joined Neo.Tax’s $10MM Series A round.

Neo.Tax is democratizing the ability to claim tax credits, starting with simplifying the complex process of applying for the R&D tax credit, putting up to $250,000 back into each company’s pocket that is working on qualifying research and development activities.

The round was led by Infinity Ventures, and included investments from, in addition to Floodgate, Google Ventures, Acrew Capital, Fin Venture Capital, Uncork Capital, Liquid 2 Ventures, and Lux Capital.

The Silicon Legal client team included Sarah Boulden, Andre Gharakhanian, Meghan Fitzpatrick, Ian Peck, Tommy Szalasny, and Vishal Ganesan.

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