SLS Client Javelin Venture Partners Co-Leads Arrive Recommerce, Inc.’s $16MM Series A

Silicon Legal represented Javelin Venture Partners as they co-led Arrive Recommerce, Inc.’s $16 million Series A round.

Arrive Recommerce, Inc.’s Management Technology, Recommerce Storefront Technology and Analytical Tools allow brands to drive more revenue, more customers, and improve operational efficiency.

In addition to Javelin Venture Partners and co-lead Climatic VC, the round included investments from Maersk Growth, Sidekick VC, Cosmic Venture Partners, 444 Capital, Freestyle VC, Animo VC, Banana Capital, Alpaca VC, Regeneration VC, and Wedbush Ventures.

Silicon Legal’s Javelin Venture Partners client team includes Andre Gharakhanian, Brian Schlinkert, and Jon Loebl.

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