SLS Client Felicis Ventures Joins Living Carbon’s $15MM Round

Silicon Legal represented Felicis Ventures as they joined Living Carbon’s $15 million round.

Living Carbon’s mission is to responsibly rebalance the planet’s carbon cycle using the power of plants. It has developed a way to make the photosynthesis process better so leaves and their woody stalks can catch up with the pace of human-created emissions.

Investors for the round included Felicis Ventures’ Aydin Senkut, Lowercarbon Capital, Goat Capital, Prelude Ventures, Floodgate, MCJ Collective, Homebrew Ventures and EQT Foundation. Several angel investors — including Kimball and Christiana Musk, Scott Belsky, Albert Wenger, Susan Danziger and Matt Brezina — also participated.

The Silicon Legal client team included Sarah Boulden, Gaurav Mathur, Natasha Hsieh, Kevin Morrissey, Tina Lee, Bryce Wilson, Chris Rosene.

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