For five consecutive years, Silicon Legal has been recognized by PitchBook among the top 10 most active law firms in the VC space.¹ To celebrate, we invited some of our innovative entrepreneur and seasoned investor clients to share their reflections from 2023 and predictions of what lies ahead.

Five Hot Takes

March 11, 2024  Ryan Gilbert, Launchpad Capital
March 13, 2024  Courtney Leimkuhler, Springbank
March 15, 2024  David Roselle, Doorlist
March 18, 2024  Danny Maloney, Tailwind
March 20, 2024  Jed Katz, Javelin Venture Partners
March 22, 2024  Rohan Puri, Stable Auto
March 25, 2024  Charles Hudson, Precursor
March 27, 2024  Alice Zhang, Anise Health
March 29, 2024  Vikas Enti, Reframe Systems
April 1, 2024    Jordan Shamir, Yofi
April 3, 2024    Siqi Chen, Runway Financial
April 5, 2024    Jonathan Yaffe, AnyRoad
April 8, 2024    Tim Westergren, HelloCreator
April 10, 2024    Peter Volz, Munich Re Ventures
April 12, 2024    Art Poghosyan, Britive
April 15, 2024    Mike Maples, Floodgate
April 17, 2024    Rebecca Egger, Little Otter
April 19, 2024    Patrick Driscoll, Chasing Rainbows
April 22, 2024    Nate Williams, UNION Labs
April 24, 2024    Rakesh Mathur, Fizz Social
April 26, 2024    Will Haering, Meridian
April 29, 2024    Marc Minor, Higharc
May 1, 2024     Alex Alvarado, Daybreak Health
May 3, 2024     Kevin Busque, Guideline
May 6, 2024     Sunil Sanghavi, NobleAI
May 8, 2024     Cris Grossmann, Beekeeper

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